Phillies Clinch Playoff Spot In Extra Innings

Phillies Clinch Playoff Spot In Extra Innings

The City of Brotherly Love is buzzing with excitement as the Philadelphia Phillies have officially clinched a playoff berth, setting the stage for thrilling October baseball. Tuesday night witnessed a heart-pounding victory as the Phillies triumphed over the Pittsburgh Pirates with a dramatic 3-2 win in the 10th inning, courtesy of Johan Rojas' walk-off single.

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Here's everything you need to know about the Phillies' playoff journey:

Seed in the MLB Playoffs

The Phillies have secured the fourth seed in the National League, positioning themselves for postseason action. Should the Phillies clinch a win on Wednesday or the Miami Marlins face a loss, Philadelphia will solidify their claim to the fourth seed.

Understanding the Wild Card

In the world of baseball playoffs, both the American and National League competitions feature three division winners and three wild card teams. The wild card teams consist of the three top-performing teams in the league that did not clinch their division. The Phillies, despite finishing as runners-up to the Atlanta Braves, who boast the best record in baseball, earned their spot as one of the wild card contenders.


Opponents in the Playoffs

The Phillies' playoff path will lead them to face either the Arizona Diamondbacks or the Chicago Cubs in the Wild Card Series. Phillies fans can take solace in the fact that their team has had a strong track record against both potential opponents. The Phillies won the season series against the Diamondbacks and dominated the Cubs during the regular season.

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Home Field Advantage

The Phillies' playoff positioning grants them the potential to host numerous crucial games at Citizens Bank Ballpark. This includes up to three National League Wild Card Games, two National League Division Series games, four National League Championship Series games, and four World Series games, according to

Getting Playoff Tickets

Securing tickets to witness the Phillies' playoff journey will be exclusive through the MLB Ballpark app and your My Tickets account, as stated by While ticket prices for the general public are yet to be released, they have been revealed for full-season and partial-season ticket holders.

  • Wild Card and Division Series games range from $50 to $220.
  • League Championship Series tickets range from $90 to $280.
  • World Series tickets range from $150 to $380.

After-Market Tickets

For those eager to attend Phillies playoff games, after-market ticket platforms are already offering options:

  • Tickets on for the first game of the Wild Card Series range from $113 to $2,228.
  • Tickets to the Phillies' first home game of the National League Division Series range from $198 to $4,365.
  • Tickets to the Phillies' first home game of the National League Championship Series range from $300 to $5,750.
  • Tickets to the Phillies' first home game of the World Series range from $1,808 to $15,065.

As the Philadelphia Phillies embark on their playoff journey, the anticipation and excitement among fans continue to build. With a rich history and a promising roster, the City of Philadelphia is gearing up for a memorable postseason run, aiming to bring championship glory back to the city.

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