Philadelphia Eagles' Trade Deadline Pursuit: The Patrick Surtain II Near Miss

Philadelphia Eagles' Trade Deadline Pursuit: The Patrick Surtain II Near Miss

Philadelphia Eagles' Trade Deadline Pursuit: The Patrick Surtain II Near Miss

The Philadelphia Eagles made waves in the lead-up to last month's trade deadline, generating considerable buzz and sealing a few deals. However, it seems that not all dreams came true for the Eagles, as reports emerge of their interest in Denver Broncos cornerback Patrick Surtain II just ahead of Halloween.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the Eagles were among the NFC contenders who inquired about Patrick Surtain II before the trade deadline. This revelation follows news that the San Francisco 49ers also expressed interest in the star cornerback. Florio adds that both teams "were concerned that the other would end up with Surtain."

Patrick Surtain II

The interest in Surtain comes as no surprise, considering the challenges the Eagles' secondary has faced with injuries. The potential vulnerability due to injuries makes the pursuit of a player like Surtain not merely a depth move but a strategic one that could immediately bolster the team.


Patrick Surtain II has proven himself to be a standout talent, boasting impressive stats since 2021, including 7 interceptions, 32 pass breakups, and a pick-six. Such a player could not only address immediate concerns for the Eagles but also contribute to their long-term plans in the cornerback position.

However, acquiring a player of Surtain's caliber is no easy feat, especially considering the high asking prices in the NFL trade market. Even if the Broncos undergo a rebuilding phase, Surtain's skill set positions him as a foundational piece that they would be reluctant to part with easily.

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The intriguing aspect of this pursuit is the mutual concern between the Eagles and the 49ers regarding the other team's interest in Surtain. This mutual apprehension suggests that both franchises view themselves as frontrunners in the NFC, adding an extra layer of competitiveness to the trade deadline negotiations.

Ultimately, the 49ers and Eagles did make significant additions to their rosters before Halloween. The 49ers acquired defensive end Chase Young, while the Eagles secured safety Kevin Byard. The impact of these additions on the remainder of the season remains to be seen, and only time will tell which move proves more impactful in shaping the trajectory of these NFC contenders as they vie for postseason success.

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