Philadelphia Eagles Practice Squad Updates: Brady Russell's Departure and Kyron Johnson's Return

Philadelphia Eagles Practice Squad Updates: Brady Russell's Departure and Kyron Johnson's Return

Philadelphia Eagles Practice Squad Updates: Brady Russell's Departure and Kyron Johnson's Return

In the ever-changing landscape of the NFL, practice squad transactions can sometimes get overlooked amidst the excitement of game day. However, for players like Brady Russell and Kyron Johnson, these roster changes represent significant moments in their young careers. In this blog post, we'll delve into the recent developments in the Philadelphia Eagles' practice squad and what they mean for these two aspiring athletes.

Brady Russell: A Promising Start That Faded

The Eagles' decision to sign tight end Brady Russell as an undrafted rookie free agent following the 2023 NFL Draft initially held promise. Russell, an alumnus of the University of Colorado, showcased his skills during the offseason. However, despite his potential, he failed to make a substantial push for a spot on the Eagles' regular-season roster.

One key factor that may have contributed to Russell's release was the Eagles' already deep roster of tight ends, featuring Dallas Goedert, Jack Stoll, Grant Calcaterra, and Albert Okwuegbunam. With four talented players ahead of him, the competition was fierce, and Russell ultimately found himself on the outside looking in.

Russell's signing by the Seattle Seahawks represents a new opportunity for the young tight end. By joining another team's roster, he secures a spot for at least three weeks and the corresponding salary. This could potentially lead to a reunion with the Eagles when they face the Seahawks in Week 15, creating an intriguing storyline to watch as the season unfolds.

Kyron Johnson: A Rollercoaster Journey

Kyron Johnson's journey with the Philadelphia Eagles has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. The linebacker was initially waived by the team in late August, only to be re-signed to the practice squad shortly thereafter. However, his return was short-lived as he was once again released a few days later.

Now, Johnson finds himself back in the City of Brotherly Love, offering depth at the SAM linebacker position behind Haason Reddick, Nolan Smith, and Patrick Johnson. Beyond being a reserve player, Johnson is also a candidate for temporary call-ups to bolster the Eagles' special teams for specific games.

While practice squad players may not always be in the spotlight, their contributions to the team are essential. Johnson's ability to step in when needed and provide valuable support on special teams demonstrates the versatility and determination required to succeed in the NFL.


The recent practice squad updates involving Brady Russell and Kyron Johnson exemplify the dynamic nature of the NFL. Russell's departure to the Seattle Seahawks opens new doors for his career, potentially leading to a matchup against his former team later in the season. On the other hand, Johnson's resilience and willingness to return to the Eagles' practice squad show the grit and dedication required to make it in professional football.

As the NFL season progresses, these roster moves serve as a reminder that behind every touchdown and tackle, there are countless stories of players striving to fulfill their dreams, one practice squad transaction at a time.

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