Philadelphia Eagles Face Safety Challenges With Justin Evans Being Out: Injury Woes and a Potential Trade

Philadelphia Eagles Face Safety Challenges With Justin Evans Being Out: Injury Woes and a Potential Trade

The Philadelphia Eagles, who have made an impressive start to the 2023 season with a perfect 5-0 record, are facing challenges in their secondary due to recent injuries and roster changes. One key addition in free agency, Justin Evans, was expected to bolster the safety position. However, a recent announcement has left the Eagles and their fans concerned about their depth at this critical position. In this article, we'll delve into the Eagles' safety situation, the impact of Justin Evans' placement on Injured Reserve (IR), and the potential solutions for this top-performing team.

Justin Evans: A Promising Addition

The Eagles made a savvy move in free agency by adding Justin Evans, a veteran safety who was considered a starting-caliber option. His experience and skills were expected to strengthen the team's revamped secondary. Evans's return to the NFL last year after a hiatus since 2018 with the New Orleans Saints was met with enthusiasm. He played in 15 games for the Saints, showcasing his ability to make an impact on the field.

In Philadelphia, Evans was handed an opportunity to take on a more significant role due to the departures of Marcus Epps and C.J. Gardner-Johnson in free agency. He started each of his four appearances for the Eagles, making him a valuable asset in the secondary. However, the recent announcement that he has been placed on IR leaves a noticeable void.

Impact on the Secondary

Being on injured reserve means that Justin Evans will be unavailable for an extended period, likely a minimum of four weeks. This development raises concerns for the Eagles' revamped secondary, which has been a crucial component of their successful start to the season. Reed Blankenship, who has shown promise at the free safety position, will remain in place. Still, the question arises: who will join him as a starter?

Candidates to Fill the Void

To address the absence of Justin Evans, the Eagles have several options. One possibility is veteran Terrell Edmunds, who has experience and could provide stability in the safety position. Another option is third-round rookie Sydney Brown, who brings youth and potential to the table. The Eagles, known for their astute decision-making, may choose to explore the trade market to acquire a new safety, given their impressive 5-0 record.

Financial Flexibility

One advantage the Eagles have is their available cap space. With $4.8 million in cap space, they can make a modest move to address the absence of Evans. This financial flexibility allows the team to adapt to unforeseen challenges, such as injuries and roster changes.

Roster Moves

In response to the injury situation, the Eagles have made changes to their roster. Bradley Roby, a veteran cornerback, was brought in to fill a gap left by Avonte Maddox's injury. Roby made his Philadelphia debut in Week 5 and is expected to play an expanded role from the slot for the remainder of the season.


The Philadelphia Eagles, currently undefeated at 5-0, face challenges in their secondary due to the placement of Justin Evans on IR. The impact of this move is significant, and the team has several options to consider in filling the void. Whether they choose to rely on existing talent or explore the trade market, the Eagles' financial flexibility and astute decision-making give them the tools to address this challenge and continue their impressive season. Eagles fans will be eagerly watching how the team responds to this hurdle on their path to success.


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