NFL Warns Philadelphia Eagles Over 'Brotherly Shove' Quarterback Sneak - Nick Sirianni Reacts

NFL Warns Philadelphia Eagles Over 'Brotherly Shove' Quarterback Sneak - Nick Sirianni Reacts

NFL Warns Philadelphia Eagles Over 'Brotherly Shove' Quarterback Sneak

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Controversy Surrounds Infamous Play as Eagles Navigate League Scrutiny

Philadelphia, PA - October 2, 2023

The Philadelphia Eagles have been put on notice by the NFL regarding their signature quarterback sneak play, often referred to as the "Tush Push" or the "Brotherly Shove." Center Jason Kelce revealed this revelation during his 'New Heights' podcast, indicating that the league had sent a letter addressing concerns about the team lining up offsides during the play.


While the league's warning has raised eyebrows in the football world, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni has chosen to keep the details of the NFL's letter under wraps. During a press conference on Wednesday ahead of the team's game against the Los Angeles Rams, Sirianni stated, "We'll just keep our conversations with the league private, like anything they said back to us if we turn anything in or anything like that. They do a great job of giving us information, and I want to keep those conversations private with us and the NFL."

Nick Sirianni Reacts

Kelce had previously suggested that the referees made an incorrect call in last week's game against the Washington Commanders. They flagged Landon Dickerson for being offsides when, in fact, it was Kelce's hand on the ball that they saw. Kelce further argued that Washington Commanders defensive tackle Daron Payne had his hand under the ball prior to the snap, implying that Payne should have been called for encroachment instead. The penalty pushed the Eagles back five yards and led to a pivotal punt instead of a 3rd and 6 situation near midfield during the game.

Sirianni, though, refrained from disputing the call directly, stating, "I'm not here to argue whether the call was right or wrong on that. I'm always going to think that we're right, but, again, the league does a good job of giving us information. We understand that the referees have a tough job to do. I'm never going to criticize that aspect of it."

The "Brotherly Shove" play has been a hallmark of the Eagles' offensive strategy, one that they execute with remarkable success. The play's effectiveness stems from the team's personnel, with a Hall of Fame center in Jason Kelce and the powerful running abilities of quarterback Jalen Hurts. Other NFL teams and even some at the college level have attempted similar plays but have not achieved the same level of success, often due to differences in their personnel.

In a recent example, the New York Giants tried to replicate the play during a game against the Seattle Seahawks, resulting in injuries to two of their offensive linemen. This highlights the unique skill set and chemistry required for the play to succeed, attributes the Eagles possess in abundance.

As the Eagles move forward, they will undoubtedly work to address any concerns raised by the NFL while continuing to leverage their potent "Brotherly Shove" tactic. The play's reputation and effectiveness remain central to their offensive strategy, and Philadelphia fans can expect it to play a pivotal role in future games.


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