KELCE: A Must Watch Documentary About Jason Kelce

KELCE: A Must Watch Documentary About Jason Kelce

Philadelphia Eagles fans, rejoice! The long-awaited documentary, "KELCE," is finally here. Produced by 9.14 Pictures, Vera Y Productions, and NFL Films, this Amazon Prime Video production takes us deep into the life and career of Jason Kelce, one of Philadelphia's most beloved athletes. The documentary follows Kelce's 2022 season as he contemplates retirement after 13 years in the NFL. To celebrate its release, a red-carpet premiere event was held on September 8th, with the entire Eagles community in attendance. Here are ten compelling reasons why you should tune in and watch "KELCE."

Relive the infamous Super Bowl Parade of Champions speech delivered by Jason Kelce on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Dressed in a Mummers costume, Kelce captured the hearts of fans as he chanted and gave an unforgettable speech. Experience the joy of that historic day once again.

Jason Kelce Documentary

Embark on a search through the Kelce household as Jason hunts for his Super Bowl ring. Known for being talented on the field but somewhat forgetful off it, Kelce's journey to find his cherished ring proves to be both entertaining and relatable.

Jason's wife, Kylie, is a star in her own right. In the documentary, viewers get an unprecedented glimpse into the hectic everyday life of the Kelce family. Witness the challenges and triumphs of motherhood and understand what it's like to be married to an NFL star.

Discover the toll that seven surgeries have taken on Kelce throughout his career. As retirement looms closer, Jason reflects on the physical repercussions of playing a hard-hitting sport for over a decade. Exclusive access to Kelce's X-rays provides a unique perspective on the price players pay.

From uncertain beginnings to becoming the most popular sports podcast on Spotify, "New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce" showcases the brothers' transformation. Delve deeper into their journey from clueless podcasters to national recognition, with a dose of humor along the way.

Jason Kelce Documentary

Experience the bond between Jason and Travis as it goes beyond just being brothers and podcast partners. Discover how Jason played a pivotal role in Travis' return to football and explore the emotions they faced when they competed against each other in the Super Bowl. Witness the rise of their mother, Donna "Momma" Kelce, as she supports her famous sons.

While the story was initially crafted around Jason's anticipated retirement following the 2022 season, his return to the Eagles hasn't changed his plans for life after football. Gain insight into the different paths Kelce has explored for his post-playing career.

Kelce's love for his three girls is evident. Witness heartwarming scenes of Jason playing with his daughters after training camp practices and a special moment after the Super Bowl. Discover the softer side of the Eagles' center as he even reads a bedtime story.

Join the Kelce family in their anticipation of welcoming their third child. Learn about Kylie's incredible journey attending Super Bowl LVII while 38 weeks pregnant, accompanied by her obstetrician. Discover the challenges and rewards of going through this unique experience.

Unravel the significance behind the phrase "jumping off the garage." Understand its importance within the documentary's theme and explore its deeper meaning.

"KELCE" promises to be a captivating and unforgettable documentary. Offering an intimate look into the life of Jason Kelce, it provides a rare opportunity to witness the highs, lows, and behind-the-scenes moments of a legendary athlete. Join the celebration of one of Philadelphia's most cherished sports figures and discover your favorite moment in Jason's remarkable journey. Don't miss out – grab the popcorn and prepare to be inspired by "KELCE"!

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