Jalen Hurts vs. Sam Howell: A Statistical Showdown

Jalen Hurts vs. Sam Howell: A Statistical Showdown

Jalen Hurts vs. Sam Howell: A Statistical Showdown

In the ever-evolving world of NFL quarterbacking, the spotlight is often on the young gunslingers who bring fresh talent and innovation to the game. Two such quarterbacks who have captured the attention of football enthusiasts are Jalen Hurts and Sam Howell. Let's break down their stats and see how they stack up against each other.

Jalen Hurts Stats VS Sam Howell

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Sam Howell: The Rising Star

Sam Howell, at the tender age of 22, burst onto the NFL scene in 2022 and has already made his presence felt. As of 2023, he's started in four games and has shown glimpses of his potential.

  • Completion Percentage: Howell has completed an impressive 64.4% of his passes, showcasing his accuracy and ability to connect with his targets.

  • Yards: With 840 passing yards to his name, Howell has demonstrated a knack for moving the ball downfield effectively.

  • Touchdowns and Interceptions: Howell has thrown four touchdown passes but has also faced six interceptions, indicating some room for improvement in terms of ball security.

  • Sacks: He's been sacked 22 times, highlighting the pressure he's faced from opposing defenses.

  • Fantasy Points: Howell has accumulated 61 fantasy points in his three games, averaging 20.2 points per game, showcasing his potential as a fantasy football asset.

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Jalen Hurts: The Proven Performer

In contrast, Jalen Hurts, at 25, has more experience under his belt, having played in the NFL since 2020. With 48 games and 37 starts, he's a known quantity in the league.

  • Completion Percentage: Hurts boasts a solid 62.8% completion rate, illustrating his ability to move the chains and connect with his receiving corps.

  • Yards: The seasoned quarterback has amassed an impressive 8,546 passing yards, indicating his ability to consistently produce in terms of yardage.

  • Touchdowns and Interceptions: With 47 touchdown passes and only 22 interceptions, Hurts has shown better ball security compared to his younger counterpart.

  • Sacks: Hurts has been sacked 85 times, a significant number but not unexpected given his willingness to extend plays with his legs.

  • Fantasy Points: He's earned 855.9 fantasy points in his career, averaging 14.0 points per game, making him a valuable asset in fantasy football.

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The Rushing Factor

Both quarterbacks have demonstrated their ability to contribute on the ground:

  • Howell has rushed for 100 yards at an average of 3.2 yards per attempt, with three rushing touchdowns.
  • Hurts, known for his mobility, has racked up 484 rushing yards, averaging an impressive 6.98 yards per attempt, with one rushing touchdown.

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Final Thoughts

While Sam Howell is in the early stages of his NFL career and has shown promise, Jalen Hurts has already proven himself as a capable and versatile quarterback. The stats tell a story of two quarterbacks at different stages in their careers, with Howell's potential shining through and Hurts' experience and consistency setting him apart.

As these two quarterbacks continue to develop and adapt to the ever-changing NFL landscape, it will be fascinating to see how their stats and performances evolve. Football fans can expect an exciting journey ahead as both Howell and Hurts aim to make their mark on the league.

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