Could the Philadelphia Eagles Trade Jame Bradberry?

Could the Philadelphia Eagles Trade Jame Bradberry?

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry might be on the trade block due to his recent performance and significant contract. The Indianapolis Colts, who are in need of experienced cornerbacks, could be a suitable trade partner.

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Key Points:

  • Bradberry's Trade Potential: Bradberry's underwhelming performance in 2023 and his substantial contract make him a likely trade candidate for the Eagles.
  • Fit with the Colts: The Colts, needing a seasoned cornerback, could benefit from Bradberry's skills and experience.
  • Financial Benefits: Trading Bradberry after June 1 could offer financial advantages for the Eagles in upcoming seasons.

Bradberry's Current Situation:

James Bradberry has been under scrutiny due to trade rumors and his performance in 2023. Despite signing a three-year, $38 million extension after a stellar first season with the Eagles, his hefty contract and recent form make him a potential candidate for trade.

Why the Colts Make Sense:

Matt Holder from Bleacher Report highlighted that the Indianapolis Colts are in search of a veteran cornerback. Bradberry, who was a second-team All-Pro in 2022, fits the profile needed by Colts’ general manager Chris Ballard and defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

Bradberry’s Potential Impact in Indianapolis:

At 30, Bradberry could still be a valuable veteran presence for the Colts. His addition would provide stability and mentorship to younger players like JuJu Brents and Dallis Flowers, complementing the experienced Kenny Moore. Moore has extensive experience with 89 starts, but Brents and Flowers have only 13 starts combined, making Bradberry's leadership crucial.

Financial Considerations:

Trading Bradberry after June 1 would offer the Eagles about $1.2 million in cap space this season and substantial relief in 2025 and 2026. This financial maneuvering could provide the Eagles with the flexibility to add assets while minimizing Bradberry's role this fall. The Colts, with over $26 million in cap space, can easily absorb Bradberry's $4.3 million cap hit.

Trade vs. Release:

Opting to trade Bradberry rather than cut him would save the Eagles over $1 million in guaranteed salary. By trading him post-June 1, they could distribute his dead money hit over several years. According to Jimmy Kempski of The Philly Voice, the Eagles might trade Bradberry for minimal compensation, given his remaining value.

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Performance Analysis:

Bradberry excelled in 2022 with 17 starts, 17 pass breakups, three interceptions, and a defensive touchdown, allowing a passer rating of just 54.2 against him. However, his performance dropped in 2023, with fewer pass breakups and interceptions, and a much higher passer rating allowed (108.6), along with nine receiving touchdowns.

Colts' Interest in Bradberry:

Given his experience and potential, Bradberry could be a valuable asset for the Colts. His decreased trade value might make it easier for the Colts to acquire him, potentially for a future Day 3 pick.

Trade Benefits:

A trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts for James Bradberry could be mutually beneficial. Despite his dip in performance, Bradberry's experience and skills remain valuable, especially for a team like the Colts. Financially, a post-June 1 trade would benefit both teams, providing future cap relief for the Eagles and a seasoned cornerback for the Colts. The next few weeks will determine if this potential trade comes to fruition.



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