Another Close Win For Philadelphia Eagles, Are Eagles Fans Worried?

Another Close Win For Philadelphia Eagles, Are Eagles Fans Worried?

Eagles' Close Wins: Impressive or Cause for Concern?

For the fifth time this season, the Philadelphia Eagles have emerged victorious, maintaining their perfect record. Yet, for the fourth time in the same season, they've found themselves in a closely contested battle. The latest addition to their win column came in a hard-fought 23-14 victory over the Los Angeles Rams, and it begs the question: Are the Eagles' close-game victories impressive or a reason for concern?

To answer this question, we'll take a closer look at the Eagles' performance and draw comparisons with the 2022 Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, two teams that also had a penchant for winning close games but faced regression this season.

The Eagles' 2023 campaign has been characterized by a series of narrow victories, with four of their wins coming by a one-score margin. In contrast to their opponents, the Eagles only trailed for a mere 32 seconds during the Rams game, showcasing their ability to stay ahead in tight contests. But does this pattern indicate a cause for concern?

To understand the situation better, it's essential to examine the experiences of the Vikings and Giants from the previous season. The Vikings secured 11 of their 13 wins in 2022 by eight points or less, while the Giants had 10 wins, including playoff games, decided by a one-possession margin. However, both teams currently hold 1-4 records this season, highlighting the unpredictability and variance in the NFL.

The Vikings are once again competitive this season, with all five of their games being decided by one score. Yet, they've fallen short in four of those contests. On the other hand, the Giants have faced more decisive losses, partly due to injuries to key players.

But there's a crucial distinction between the Eagles and the Vikings/Giants. The Eagles are not winning close games due to luck or fortunate breaks; they're doing so because they're genuinely a good team. Their approach and execution differ significantly from their counterparts.

The Eagles have been consistent in their success, building on the foundations that took them to the Super Bowl last February. They've maintained their dominance in stopping opposing rushing attacks and overpowering defenses, including renowned All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts has been instrumental in the Eagles' impressive performance. Against the Rams, he completed 25-of-38 passes for 303 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. Hurts effectively distributed the ball, with key contributors like A.J. Brown, Dallas Goedert, and D'Andre Swift each amassing over 100 yards from scrimmage.

What sets the Eagles apart is that they aren't merely winning close games; they're winning close games because they're an exceptional team. Their success is grounded in solid processes and a well-rounded approach that includes a formidable offensive line and Hurts' dual-threat abilities.

How many career starts does Jalen Hurts have? 39! Still young. How many career passing touchdowns does Jalen Hurts have? Hurts, who boasts a career record of 28-11 in his starts with the Eagles, showcased his versatility in the game against the Rams, accumulating 72 yards and a touchdown on the ground. His ability to outwit and outplay opponents, even in showdowns against elite defenders like Aaron Donald, is a testament to the Eagles' commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, the Eagles' close-game victories are not a cause for concern but rather an indication of their prowess as a top-tier team. Unlike the Vikings and Giants, who relied on luck, the Eagles are winning because they're genuinely good. Their consistent success, strong processes, and star quarterback make them a force to be reckoned with as they continue their pursuit of greatness in the NFL.

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