HurtsAdelphia Bartender Affiliate Program

Summary: How Bartenders Can Earn Money with's Affiliate Program

At, bartenders have an exciting opportunity to earn money through our affiliate program by distributing discount business cards to potential buyers of our products. Here's how bartenders can maximize their earnings:

1. Join the Affiliate Program:

  • Bartenders can start by applying to become an affiliate through's affiliate program portal.

2. Approval and Onboarding:

  • Upon approval, bartenders will gain access to their unique affiliate dashboard, which provides tools and resources for tracking referrals and earnings.

3. Acquire Discount Business Cards:

  • Affiliates, including bartenders, can request discount business cards from
  • These cards will include a unique affiliate code or QR code that tracks referrals back to the bartender.


4. Distribute Business Cards:

  • Bartenders can distribute these discount business cards to customers at their establishments or during events.
  • Encourage recipients to visit and make a purchase using the provided discount code or QR code.

5. Earn Commissions:

  • When customers use the affiliate's unique discount code to make a purchase on, the bartender earns a commission on the sale.
  • Commissions are typically a percentage of the total purchase amount, as outlined in the affiliate agreement.

6. Track Performance:

  • Affiliates can monitor their referral performance, sales, and commissions through their affiliate dashboard.
  • Transparency in tracking ensures affiliates can see their earnings grow in real-time.

7. Payment:

  • Earnings are typically paid out to affiliates on a regular schedule, as specified in the affiliate agreement.

8. Maximize Earnings:

  • Bartenders can boost their earnings by actively promoting to their network of customers and followers (social media).
  • They can leverage social media, word-of-mouth marketing, and special promotions to encourage more referrals.

9. Compliance with Program Rules:

  • To maintain eligibility and a positive reputation within the affiliate program, bartenders must adhere to program guidelines and policies.
  • Responsible and ethical promotion of's products is essential.

10. Ongoing Partnership:

  • The affiliate partnership with offers bartenders a consistent source of additional income while providing valuable discounts to their patrons.

By participating in's affiliate program and distributing discount business cards to potential buyers, bartenders can create a win-win scenario – earning commissions while introducing their customers to our high-quality products at discounted rates. It's a unique opportunity to blend their profession with affiliate marketing, ultimately enhancing their income and fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.

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