The Philadelphia Eagles Shine Bright with Sportsbeams: A New Era of Stadium Lighting

The Philadelphia Eagles Shine Bright with Sportsbeams: A New Era of Stadium Lighting

The Philadelphia Eagles Shine Bright with Sportsbeams: A New Era of Stadium Lighting

In an exciting development for football fans and tech enthusiasts alike, the Philadelphia Eagles have forged a groundbreaking partnership with Sportsbeams, a renowned tech company celebrated for its cutting-edge LED lighting solutions. This strategic alliance is set to transform the in-stadium fan experience at Lincoln Financial Field, and it promises to be a game-changer in more ways than one.

Elevating the Fan Experience with LED Innovation

Under the terms of this three-year partnership, Sportsbeams assumes the distinguished title of "Proud Partner" of the Philadelphia Eagles. But this collaboration is not merely a symbolic gesture; it's poised to revolutionize the way fans enjoy games at the stadium.

Sportsbeams is set to dazzle fans with its patented, high-powered LED lighting technology. The introduction of their single-glass optic LED light fixtures has already created a buzz of anticipation. Fans were treated to a spectacular display during the home opener, as the stadium was bathed in the radiant glow of these state-of-the-art lights during team introductions and after every Eagles touchdown.

"We are always striving to provide a more engaging and welcoming environment for guests at Lincoln Financial Field," said Brian Napoli, Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnership, Philadelphia Eagles. "Sportsbeams' reputation as a world-class tech company and lighting solutions expert will take our in-stadium experience to the next level. Partnering with industry leaders like Sportsbeams enables us to drive innovation and creativity in all areas, including the fan experience at Lincoln Financial Field."

More Than Just Lights: A Bright Future Ahead

The partnership between the Philadelphia Eagles and Sportsbeams isn't just about illuminating the stadium; it's about shedding light on what's possible when technology and sports unite. The synergy between these two entities is evident in the commitment to enhancing the overall experience for fans.

As part of this exciting collaboration, Sportsbeams will gain a prominent branding presence at Lincoln Financial Field through in-game rotational signage. This means that fans will not only witness the brilliance of Sportsbeams' lighting technology but also see their name prominently displayed throughout the stadium, further cementing their status as a proud partner.

In addition to the visual impact, Sportsbeams will also receive advertising rights in many of the team's printed materials, ensuring that their name reaches fans through various channels.

"Working with the Eagles team to bring this project together was a fantastic experience," said Russ Schroader, President of Sportsbeams Lighting, Inc. "Our product has provided the team a one-of-a-kind fan experience using the most advanced sports lighting LED technology on the market. It's an honor to be designated as a proud partner of the Philadelphia Eagles, and we look forward to working with them for years to come."

With this partnership, the Philadelphia Eagles and Sportsbeams are not just illuminating their stadium but also illuminating the path forward for sports and technology collaborations. Fans can look forward to an enhanced game-day experience, all thanks to the brilliant vision shared by these two industry leaders. As the lights at Lincoln Financial Field continue to shine brighter, so does the future of stadium technology and fan engagement in the world of sports.

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